The keys to grow taller

From all of the books and posts on the forum that I have read, there are three keys that can enable you to grow taller or manifest anything that you want:

  • Belief
  • Faith
  • Feelings

The belief that it is indeed possible to grow taller and the faith that even though you cannot see it yet, it will come to you. You must have faith in the unseen. The third one is feeling, you must feel as if it is real, that you are already the height that you desire.
Feelings is the key to impress your subconsious, who is responsible for maintaining your health, taking care of the cells of your body. So this is the chief that you want to address if you want to grow taller. Some people have been cured just by believing that they are, call it placebo if you want, but this is how it works.

Everyhing that happened to you until this moment is the result of what you have previously thought. Reality is just a reflection of your inner world. Nowadays Science tends to back up this idea, with quantum physics, our thoughts have frenquencies and they can affect particules, and what are we made of ? Atoms and particules.
Thus by changing our state of mind we can affect our reality and change it. If some facts can change your state of minds, changing your state of minds can change facts. It is that simple. So to grow taller, you must believe that you are already tall, you need to live as if your wish had already been fullfilled .

The practice

Before you are going to bed, relax breath deeply until you reach a state where you are half awake and half asleep.
Once you are in this state start to imagine how it would be like to be the height that you desire. How would you feel ? Visualize the people that you know congratulating you for being taller and see how amazed they are that you grew.
Hold on to that feeling and dive into it.
I would advise you to write down a scene that would take place once you grew, so that your mind is not wandering around while you are imagining. Once you have that scene, loop it in your imagination, until you fall asleep in it. While you are visualizing try to integrate every of your senses into your imaginary scene and try to make it as real as possible. Feel the joy and satisfaction of being tall, or whatever you would feel if you were. I know that some people have trouble to visualize, and if this is your case, focus on the feeling, the gratitude of having received what you asked for. I think this is truly the key, more than visualizing.

Visualizing whitout any feelings will lead you to nowhere.

The beginning of the journey

 My journey started back in 2013, when I came accross a movie called “The Secret”.

 As long as I remember I have always wanted to be taller,being short most of my life was not easy. I always felt that I was not enough, that unless I could grow taller I would not achieve anything. I guess, this was the result of being teased by family members, friends and girls about my height. When you are a kid you are very suggestible to this kind of stuff and it stays within you and condition your future.

So i have alway looked for ways to fight it and overcome my shortness. I knew it was possible to grow after puberty, it had to be and this thought was comforted by seeing this movie.

The movie was actually based on a book called “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne.
Basically it is about how you can attract what you want, money, health, cars, litteraly anything by having positives thoughts and doing affirmations. Simply put, negatives thoughts attract negatives things into your life and positives thoughts positives things.
In the movie there were many examples of people who did unbelievable things, like curing deseases and getting out of the hospital while every odds were against them.
All of that that thanks to “the secret” aka the law of attraction and positives thinking.

It was claimed that anything was possible so I thought “why not apply this principle to grow taller?” “Could I grow taller by using the power of my mind?”

 That is how a long journey of trial and error began…