Good subliminal for height growth

Hi guys I hope you are all doing good in your journey. This is some subliminals that I have found that I think are likely to show results for growing taller :

1) AshoftheSunshineFlower

It seems very strong and people in the comments are getting results fast :

2) SapienMedicine

3) HypnoDaddy

4) Alice’s Enchanted Cottage

5) Cherry

I have not tested all of this subs so my guess is that you should use one and see how it goes for at least 2 or 3 weeks. Say in the comment which one you choose and try to report back in a few weeks so that we know wich one works the best. For me I will try the first one who seems pretty strong and also the second one.

I have also found a channel who has a meditation for growing taller :

I think it is a good place to start if you are lost with all this informations

Best of luck to you and may the growth be with you !

Hey There

Hey there, the admin of this website can no longer take care of this website and gave me the key to the house. So I am exactly in the same situation as he was meaning 168 cm and I also want to grow taller so what I am gonna do here is that I am gonna update my height every once in a while so you can follow my progress and ask questions if you are interested. Here is how I plan to to do it and how I plan to grow taller :

  1. In the morning I will write what I am grateful for
  2. Once I feel grateful I will visualize my dream height and feel it as vivid as possible with my 5 senses (10 min)
  3. During the day I will listen to subliminals for growth and try to let go of my doubts
  4. Before bed I will repeat step 1 and 2

You are welcome to join me in my journey and apply the same routine, and we will see the results that we got.

Best of luck to you all

See you soon