Doubt, Others and The Mirror

During my journey to grow taller I had to face many doubts, mainly because of other people being taller than me and because I was always checking if I had grown taller. I was always comparing my height to others to see if the process was working, if I had become taller than my friends especially those who were around my height. I used to check the mirror first things in the morning . I was craving for height and wondering when it will happen.

I know that if you are starting this process it will also happen to you because this is not the way that we are conditionned to think. Our ego wants us to be in control, and it is difficult to have blind faith that something will occur without us doing anything. So we are constantly seeking for proof and confirmation that we are in the right direction and that what we want is possible to achieve despite all we have been told.

The thing is that, if you want to grow taller you have to accept your current situation. Looking for proofs that you are growing taller and always checking means essentially that you do not have what you want. Why whould you be chasing something that you already possess? For God/ The Universe/ your subconsicous it does not make sense, it means that your faith is not strong enough and it took me a long time to figure this out.

It is okay to have doubts from time to time, do not blame yourself, but do not dwell on it. Do not let it hinder your faith.
So what I would advise you to do if you face doubts, is first distance yourself from your reflection in the mirror for a period of time. Stop comparing yourself to other if you do. Everytime that the thought or the feeling of being short comes to your mind, recognize it and do not resist it because as you may know “What you resist, persists”. Recognize the feeling, be thanksful for it because it is showing your lack of belief, and choose to feel better.

For example you can choose to feel better by asking yourself if there is a 0.01%chance that you can grow taller. Can you believe that ? is it true for you? Ask yourself ” Can I increase this percentage with my faith and my belief? “if yes go to 1%, repeat the question, can you make it to 10% ? can you make it to 20%, 30% ? Do this until you reach the odds for which you are in disbelief and stop there. The next time the thought of being short comes to your mind start where you had previously stopped or a bit below if it is more believable and repeat. I believe this process will help you feel reliefs and create momentum for you to grow. The goal is for you to reach 100% and to feel a knowing that it is happening.
It is to ease your way from impossible to possible, from possible to probable and from probable to achievable.

Regarding others, do not tell them about your plans about becoming taller, keep it to yourself, because you will lose energy and they will instigate doubts in to your mind. People can influence your way of thinking, general thinking and common thought has momentum in our society and it will push against your desire. In a genaral manner i would advise you to not talk of your desire with anyone before it has realized. It is as if you had a balloon full of air (aka energy to fullfill your desire) an every time you talked about it you were releasing air (depleting it from energy)

Do not see through your eyes, see through your faith.

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