Is it Really possible?

After having discovered “The Secret” I was eager to know more and I decided to do some research to see if this was really possible.
During my quest I stumbled upon many forums talking about the law of attraction and what they were calling ” manifesting”. A new world and a new set of perspectives was opening up to me.

On these forums people were relating their stories of how they had managed to ” manifest” or attract money, new life conditions, lovers, cars, health… but what was important to me and the most interesting parts were those who where able to create physical changes. Some of them were claiming that they had changed the colour of their eyes, the shape of their noses, altered their skins. I was litteraly amazed by that and full of hope, although I only came across a few testimonies about people that had managed to grow taller.

So I started to believe by reading the stories that it was indeed possible to grow taller but it required faith and belief. The first reason why people are unable to grow after a certain age is because they have been told that it is not possible to do so. It is a suggestion that have been put in their minds from an early age so it becomes a fact. In order to grow taller you have to change your belief from “impossible” to “possible” if you wan it to become a fact.

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